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My daughter went and got my mail today and you're all not gonna believe this. I was just sorting thru and there it was...MY SSDI APPROVAL NOTICE!

I Got Approved after almost 3 years of waiting as patiently as I could. No hearing to go to it was strictly based on my medical records finally.

So as my advise make sure you have good medical records as I had a Dr who was lousy about charting and this I believe had so much to do with the delay. But my attny's and my new Dr got everything I needed together and I GOT APPROVED!!! Finally. Thank the Lord I feel so very blessed right now and cannot stop crying for the life of me. Tears of joy and relief.

Just had to share with all my friends. Don't ever stop believing in miracles they happen at the best and neediest of times. I was in a bad place and now I have this news that has lifted a weight off me that I have carried for so many, many years. I can't begin to tell you how I feel right now. But gotta catch my breath so God bless you all.

I have so many questions and now my atty is unavailable all day today Ugh...so was wondering if any of you may know if I should call the SS admin as they gave me a number to call with any questions on the letter they sent? What do you think or should I talk to my lawyer first and just be patient? Oh how patience is thin right now after waiting almost 3 years, sure you understand that. When do I start getting payments? How will I know how much (though SS said they will send another letter I guess for that determination)? What about the back pay? Is it really for the whole waiting time? That's 3years they say...well November 30, 2005. Since my daughter moved out I've been in such dire straits and worried sick and now they are talking surgery (shoulder replacement ugh) so would love to have some answers so I know if I can pay my bills or if I need to try and juggle them a little for awhile and how long is awhile?

Sorry for all the questions and also just want everyone here to know even though a long wait, lot's of patience...it really can happen for us. And those of you with Fibromyalgia, we are finally being validated. That was one of my health issues they notated though there were other factors as well.

Anyway if anyone has any ideas would love to hear them and would appreciate it very much.

Thanks, Deb
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