Vérité soyez ma garde (_paegan_) wrote in ssdi,
Vérité soyez ma garde

Going the other way...

I am looking for advice for when one is coming OFF disability!! I am job hunting (without the benefit of Voc Rehab*) and haven't the first clue how to approach informing potential employers as to what I've been doing the past few years... my work experience ends in Spring '04.


* I've received a few congrats that I'm well enough for this... it's more than I cannot live any other way. SSI isn't helping, Medicare isn't helping, Voc Rehab isn't helping, etc, etc. It's a complex story that has to do with the state I live in, what docs are available, and that Voc Rehab won't help me in any realistic manner (been working with VR for two years now, nothing but grief.) I am, however, VASTLY better than I was two years ago.

EDIT: I seem to have worded my query wrong for what I was desiring... I fully DO intend to inform prospective employers about my situation so it's not a question of honesty. My problem is in the 'phrasing' of the information. My illnesses have no cure, will need a little amount of "reasonable accommodation", and shouldn't be much of a concern in the office. I'm not worried about how to phrase my needs for accommodation, but I'm completely lost with word-crafting the explanation for my past three years.

I've looked online for sample statements such as would be included in the cover letter, but cannot find anything related enough.
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