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How can I get help ? No insurance....

So I'm really in a pickle.  Luckily I was approved for SSDI in Feb 08 of this year.  Up until then I had received food stamps and medicaid coupons through my local DSHS.  Once I was approved for SSDI, DSHS kicked me off both, saying I make too much on SSDI.  Well as most us know SSDI isn't that much.  In fact I can't even buy food and can barely pay my bills let alone get treatment (mental health).  SS says I need to wait 2 years before I can receive Medicare.

So I am really interested in how these people think I'm supposed to get well?  I can't afford treatment, can't afford to buy private insurance, and they won't give me any assistance.   DSHS said I can try for a "stepdown" which essentially means I need show that in a 6 month period I've spent $2, 600 on medial expenses (they got this number from my SSI backpay).  How on earth can they expect that?  That's the only way I can qualify for medicaid?  I can't afford to pay for mental health treatment so how can I possibly spend $2,600 when I have no money?  (that's $2,600 in backpay went to paying off debt while I was waiting over a year for their decision).

I've spent my time being angry and don't want to rant here, I know it could be worse and I'm lucky I got approved and feel blessed, but I have no clue on how I can get better if I can't get help.  Do they want me to stay sick?   It's more expensive for them and society than if they helped treat me and get me back into the world contributing to the economy, etc.  Not to mention no one should have to live like this day in and day out.  Are they just waiting for me to off myself?

I've looked into low-income counseling 100 times over.  There isn't any available in my area and of course no therapists will slide their scales (mental health is REALLY expensive).  So I've exhausted local resources.  I've called DSHS and asked them for resources and they are useless.  I've written/called local and state officials who basically say their hands are tied and they can't do anything cause it's the "SYSTEM".  The system DOES NOT work.  We know this.  But what I need help with is figuring out a way to get well again when it seems like everyone is trying to stop me.

I'd appreciate your input.  I tried not to get to go on too big a rant here.  Thanks again.
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