Clayton (finalshowdown) wrote in ssdi,

Random question...

Bare with me here for a bit. When I originally won my disability case way back in the day. I was told that I made more then I am able to receive in Michigan. I think at the time they were saying I was going to get like I dunno $1900 but after I won they the said the limit to what you can get from SSDI at the time was $1300 something. And so at that time again I think from my back pay I lost almost like $50,000 or something ridiculous and I lose about $600 dollars every month. I remember asking around then to multiple people at social security on the phone etc and they all said this was true. However recently I heard from a friend that has a friend on disablity and he apparently makes waaaaaaay more than me. So im wondering now did I actually get screwed all those years ago? I won my case basically with just myself I didnt have a lawyer. Or is there a disablity that is higher then SSDI? And if this isnt the case though, what would happen if I move out of Michigan. Are my benefits recalculated and maybe I would get more in a diff state. I hate to say it but im almost getting tired of Michigan and fighting all the time for anything. If you can help thanks
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