Casey the Gnome (androgenie) wrote in ssdi,
Casey the Gnome

Anyone tried to get back on SSI?

Long story short, I was on SSI a while back, but managed to work full time for a while.  Got my benefits messed up, still trying to pay backpay on what I was overpaid, but I'm becoming progressively more disabled again.  I had spine surgery in January and am not doing well....working my 20 hour a week job (I'm a doctoral student on top of that, taking the bare minimum number of semester hours) is all I can manage, and I took incompletes for several of my classes this year because I just couldn't do it with pain, nerve issues, cognitive problems related to medications, and resulting mental health problems (on top of a birth defect that wouldn't necessarily qualify me for benefits if I could actually afford to get proper treatment).

TL;DR:  How hard is it to get back on SSI?
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