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Designating a payee and transferring benefits

My son is on SSI for mental health issues (he qualified due to bipolar disorder, but has other diagnoses as well). He is 21 years old, lives on his own, and is currently his own guardian/handles his own money/etc.

I can go into the long back story if needed, but the short version is that he's made some choices that have created a difficult situation for himself. I'm trying to give him suggestions on what he can do, but there are some things I don't know. I'm hoping someone here has some experience with these issues that they'd be willing to share.

1) Making someone else your payee. My son and I have discussed putting me in charge of his money so he won't spend it all before he takes care of necessities. If that's the route we decide to go, what are the steps we need to take?

2) Transferring benefits to a different state. We live in Texas. We have a relative in Missouri who has offered to let my son come stay there for a while to get a fresh start. Would my son's SSI move with him, or would he have to reapply there?

2a) My son is also on Medicaid. If he moved to Missouri, would that transfer, or would he have to reapply there?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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