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Random but for people that live in michigan....

I dont post here much and well from livejournal itself I havnt met to many people that are sick.. But for the people that do or dont know when i was younger basically my doctors fucked me up and didnt admit it to me till I was dying in the hospital. It was a big mess I found out a lot of my records were messed up, even to the point of UofM faking my signature on papers etc....

Well now there is . I urge anyone that lives in michigan to sign up for this. I was foolish when I was younger and assumed my doctors were trying to help me and never bothered to look to ask for my test results or what they were saying in records. I guess a easy example would be I was always told I only had IBS, when the whole time my liver had actually been shitting on me and I had been testing positive for corhns. And uofm was just writing in the recrods that I was telling them my only hobbies in life were drinking. =/

Anyway this is not super exact as it is, but I was suprised what was actually put up online. Its still missing shit but it has stuff that normally UofM is not super excited about admiting I have after the whole malpractice yadda yadda stuff happened.... Anyway I made a video showing it to.. shrug

Again just something random.. dunno if it will help but...
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