Clayton (finalshowdown) wrote in ssdi,

Insurance question for you guys...

If anyone can help thanks..... Note I live in Michigan if that matters... Recently I got some BS in the mail that apparently I make to much money on disablity($1,300)so they are now saying I have to pay for my medicare and medicaid. They gave me some excuse that the limit someone can make on disability to get these for free is $1,200(.. -___-..)so because im over, they will now be taking $115 out of my check in the first place for medicare, and now my medicaid is going to be $816 dollars a month...

WTF? Has this happened to anyone before? Oh need I mention they canceled my food stamps now as well. So now im suppose to somehow still pay rent, be able to buy food and pay for all my medical shit? And I have a lot of medical exspences every month. Hell just restatis for my eyes is like $300 bucks. Let alone being in and out of the hospital all the time.... So its like yea... I obviously... can not survive. The numbers don't even make sense.

Has anyone heard of anything like this happening before? I mean I don't see how this even computes. Ive tried talking to the department of human services multiple times and im not getting anywhere.. Does anyone here know anything? Thanks
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