Ashley (disturbedme) wrote in ssdi,

Tips for seeing the disability doctor?

Hey guys. I posted a couple days ago saying I got a letter in the mail from the DDS, they want me to see one of their doctors (musculoskeletal doctor) August 12th.

VERY nervous about it... not sure what to expect. I know the DDS is supposed to take what MY doctor says over anything their doctor says, but I'm paranoid and would strongly believe they'd probably go with what their doctor finds first. I'm afraid this doctor will underexagerate my problems, especially if most of my problems/symptoms are those that are hard to see from the outside.

Should I bring a list of all my symptoms? Should I bring tests and paperwork? Should I bring anything else? Any other tips?

The letter says that I should bring ALL of the medicines I am taking to the visit with me. If that's the case, I will have to take a large grocery bag to bring them all with me.

What was your experiences with disability doctors? Do they ask a lot of questions? What kind of things/tests do they do?

Any tips/suggestions will be very much appreciated!
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